Devil’s Map USA

map, united states, usa, devil, devils, hell, hells, halloween, infographic

Time for a little useless and holiday-appropriate infographic. Having my cartographic curiosity piqued early in summer in the midst of heavy projects, I wondered how many geographic “devils” and accompanying “hells” we have across the country. Having no source for a comprehensive list, I’m sure I’ll be told how many have been left out, but I did manage to find a few, finding large gaps across the plains and midwest… thinking it’s the more interesting landscape of the mountains and coasts the generally get the infernal titles.

Incidentally, there’s a surplus of Devil’s Den’s, Backbones, Elbows, Kitchens, and Hell Holes beside the more unique brands like Devil’s Cup and Saucer Island, Devil’s Icebox, and Satan’s Kingdom. I was particularly amused that none of the Apostle Islands bear apostle’s names, yet include a Devils Island and that the occasional residential roads have names like Evil Lane. To enjoy more seasonal detail, click here or on the image and check out the hell near you.

map, infographic, united states, usa, placenames, devil, devils, hell, hells

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